Nick Guy On the street



Many people ask about the process of writing a Nick Guy script. The process is basically a five-step program.

Step One - The Idea: What is the story going to be about? If I don’t answer this question, there really is no storyline. I need to decide what subject I want to give a defense for. I generally have several thoughts running through my head. As I approach each one I have to answer a few questions. Is this a topic that would be beneficial to the Kingdom of God to present? If it is, then I have to see if it can be presented in the context of the Nick Guy Series. Nick Guy needs a reason to be investigating this subject, so who would hire him and why? Could the investigation be done in such a way that it would make sense for Nick Guy to be pursuing it? Once I have my topic, I begin to outline how the investigation might proceed. To help with this, I proceed to the next step.

Step Two - Research: After deciding on a topic, I need to study it. I examine all of the arguments both for and against it. I make certain to examine the best arguments against the Biblical stand of my topic. I want to present a solid argument for the Christian faith that will be able to withstand rebuttal. Besides, I know that any thought or idea or philosophy that contradicts the Bible will somewhere have a flaw. All of this helps me to flesh out my outline. Since each Nick Guy installment is broken up into three 25 minute segments, I am able to evenly lay out how much information I will convey in each segment.

Step Three - Story Line:After my research is complete, I now need to decide how I’m going to tell this story. I need to figure out who would hire Nick Guy to investigate this topic, and why?

Since Nick Guy is a comedy/adventure series I need to provide Nick Guy with an antagonist. Someone who is opposed to him solving this case. I also begin to develop comical settings for Nick Guy to work his investigation out in. These two elements obviously involve other characters. So, I decide what kind of characters I need and what situations to put them in. They mystery of who is trying to stop Nick Guy and who it might be is a story line that goes hand-in-hand with main purpose of the installment.

There is always a tension between the three elements listed above. The apologetic, the comedy and the adventure. They must be carefully distributed throughout the installment. Too much comedy or adventure could take away from the apologetic information being presented. Also, to have an extended period where nothing but information is being conveyed would bog the story down.

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