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CD Cover The Reality or...Whatever Affair
33 - The Reality or...Whatever Affair
When subjective feelings become reality and objective facts become nothing more than social constructs, nothing is certain and everything is up for grabs. Nick Guy discovers that even in a world where perception is reality, villains operate quite nicely.
34 - It’s Not Such a Wonderful Life Affair
34 - It’s Not Such a Wonderful Life Affair

In this retelling of the popular Jimmy Stewart movie, Nick Guy takes the perspective of the crotchety old Henry Porter. We learn how he became what he became, and why that is still no excuse.

The Wizard is Odd Affair
35 - The Wizard is Odd Affair

A delightful retelling of the popular story where Dotty, a young farm girl from Kansas, travels to a strange land in her search to find peace with God.

The With Me-Against Me Affair
36 - The With Me/Against Me Affair
Not all is well at the Royal Orb Theater, where the Stanley Shakespeare play “Spamlet” is in rehearsal. Nick Guy is hired to see who is behind the attempt to close the curtain before it even goes up. Along the way, he uncovers the truth behind Jesus two seemingly contradictory statements: “Whoever is not with Me is against Me,” and “Whoever is not against us is for us.”
43-Imago Dei-with artist name
The Imago Dei Affair

Nick Guy & Dr. DeSoto are hired to prevent the theft of a valuable sculpture. Along the way they discover what it means for man to be created in the image of God.

44-Jack  the Bean Stock
44 - The Jack & the Bean Stock Affair

Based on the Book of Job, Nick Guy hears the story of Jack Ballard, a financial advisor who loses everything in a short period of time. His story delves into trying to understand the purpose and reasons behind human suffering from a Biblical Worldview.

45-To Be or Not To Be-with artist name
45 - To Be or Not To Be Affair
Nick Guy & Dr. DeSoto are hired by their old friend Billy Orbach to investigate the strange goings on at the Royal Orb Theater which are threatening to bring the production of Stanley Shakespeare’s “The Merry Stooges of Windsor” to an end. Along with solving that mystery, Nick Guy also delves into the question of whether or not it is necessary for God to exist to explain the existence of everything else that exists.
47 - Nick Guy & the Sleeping Beauty Affair

In this retelling of the Classic Children’s Fairy Tale, Nick Guy relates the mystery and the wonder of God’s divine providence in sovereignly directing all of life to fulfill His plan and purpose.

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Nick Guy & the Trixie Prattle
48 - Nick Guy & the Trixie Prattle, Private Eye Affair

Nick Guy’s friend, Trixie Prattle, ends up taking on the role of private investigator to keep secret government access codes from falling into the hands of dangerous foreign spies.

Principles of Ideology
49 - Nick Guy & the Principles of Ideology Affair

Nick Guy & Dr. DeSoto are hired to investigate a break in at the Safe Selfhood Security Company. Along the way, they learn of the dangers of allowing oneself to pursue an ideology apart from principle.

Nick Guy & the Of Snakes & Doves Affair
50 - Nick Guy & the Of Snakes & Doves Affair
NNick Guy & Dr. DeSoto are hired to discover what has a young woman anxious and fearful. Along the way, they discover what Jesus meant when He said that His disciples should be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.
51 - Nick Guy & the Of Wolves & Sheep Affair
In this follow installment to “The Of Snakes & Doves Affair,” Miss Timid gives an account of what led her to be involved with a notorious “fixer for hire,” and what it means to be a sheep among wolves.
Day at the Carnival
53 - Nick Guy & the Day at the Carnival Affair
Nick Guy & Dr. DeSoto are hired to investigate some mysterious going-on at the Spurious Brothers Fun Fair Carnival that involves a five-year-old bank robbery. And this opens up a further investigation as the existence of the super-natural comes into question…and its importance to the Christian Faith.
Trixie In Wonderland
46 - Nick Guy & the Trixie in Wonderland Affair
If the character of men is shaped in part by their environment and their heritage, and if God is sovereign over when and where they are born, doesn’t He bear, at least in part, responsibility for the sins of men? James 1:13 tells us that He is not. In this retelling of “Alice in Wonderland,” we unpack what the Bible has to say about man’s culpability for his own sin.
Nick Guy & the Rebekah & Frank, Frank & Rebekah, Rebekah & Frank Affair
Nick Guy is hired by audio drama producer Rebekah who suspects her partner, Frank, is up to something suspicious. Along the way, he discovers the importance of a unified foundation being necessary for the effective use of diversity.
52 - Nick Guy & the Cinderella Affair

In this retelling of a classic children’s fairy tale, we unpack what exactly Jesus meant in John 10:10 when He said “I came that they [His followers] may have life and have it abundantly.”

Great Potato Race Affair
56 - Nick Guy & the Great Potato Race Affair
Nick Guy & Dr. DeSoto are called upon to come to the aid of a research scientist who is being threatened. In the course of their investigation, they have the opportunity to look into the life and faith of Dr. George Washington Carver and his views on living his life in service to God.

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