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01 – Empty Tomb Affair.

Nick Guy is hired to discover what happened to the body of Jesus three days after it was laid in a tomb.

02 - Nick Guy & the Man from Nazareth Affair
Nick Guy is hired to determine whether or not Jesus really exists. His investigation reveals not only that Jesus did indeed walk upon the face of the earth, but that the Bible is incredibly accurate not only in that it has been handed down faithfully through all these years, but that what it contains is true.
03 - Nick Guy & the Child of Bethlehem Affair

When King Herod hears of the birth of a child in the small town of Bethlehem he seeks to take the child’s life. Nick Guy is hired to find the child before Herod does to protect Him, using incredible Old Testament Messianic prophecies to do so.

04 - Nick Guy & the Saul of Tarsus Affair

Nick Guy is hired to discover what happened to Saul of Tarsus, a dedicated and zealous Pharisee, dedicated to eradicating Christianity, but who underwent a drastic change while traveling on the road to Damascus.

05 - Nick Guy & the Age of the Earth Affair

Nick Guy is hired to discover what happened to the body of Jesus three days after it was laid in a tomb.

09 - Nick Guy & the Amazing Design Affair

Nick Guy is hired to find a rare woodpecker which has gone missing. His research reveals the amazing and unique way woodpeckers are designed, which all point to an intelligent designer.

16 - Mercy, Mercy, Mercy Affair

Every year Mario Capuzzo, a money lender, honors his great-great-grandmother by forgiving the debt of a worthy recipient. While helping him in determining the identity of this year’s recipient, Nick Guy learns the Biblical meaning of mercy.

19 - Piece of Land Peacemaker

While trying to mediate a long-standing feud, Nick Guy learns the difference between peacekeeping and peacemaking.

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23 - Christmas Carol Affair

In this retelling of the classic Dickens story, we learn the Biblical truth that all men are in need of a Savior, because all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

24 - The Bad Things/Good People Affair

Why do bad things happen to good people? Nick Guy learns the truth behind this complex question, and the answer is that: they don’t.

26 - The Cold-Case Affair

Is it possible to investigate a case that is 2,000 years old? Nick Guy applies cold-case methods in his investigation into the work of Christ on the Cross.

27 - The Apology for Apologetics Affair

Roving reporter, Nit Whitley investigates the investigative work of Nick Guy, Private Eye.

38 - The “Yes” is “Yes” and the “No” is “No” Affair

39 - The Snow White Affair

In this retelling of the popular children’s story, Snow White learns a valuable lesson about the dangers of the desire of the eyes, the desire of the flesh and the pride of life.

NGTale of 2 Religions
41 - The Tale of Two Religions Affair
Nick Guy & Dr. DeSoto are hired to discover who is behind the threatening letters being sent to liberal theologian Dr. Allison Katterly. Along the way, they discover that the physical, bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead is so essential to the Christian Faith, that any theological view that holds otherwise constitutes the belief in a whole different religion.
42 - The He vs. She Affair
Miss Timid, a good friend of Nick Guy and Dr. DeSoto is on vacation. And when a valuable diamond bracelet is stolen from a fellow vacationer in the hotel where she’s staying, she is forced to become a part of the investigation. She also has the opportunity to explain God’s design and plan for men and women to a fellow hotel guest.
28 - Give Me Liberty Affair

While tracking down a lost inheritance, Nick Guy discovers the difference between license and liberty, and that liberty does not come without responsibility.

29 – The Greatest Gift Affair

It’s Christmas, and the greatest gift anyone has ever given is still the gift recorded in John 3:16. "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life."

31 - The Fair is Fair Affair

Nick Guy is searching for a missing 17th Century Moravian ivory-stemmed, hand-carved smoking pipe. Along the way, he learns what the Bible has to say about economics and economic systems.

32 - The Tequila Mockingbird Affair

Valuable heirloom is missing and making its way around the world. Three suspiciously suspicious characters are chasing after it. Is what greed does to us worth the prize?

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