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Meet the cast memebrs of Domion Artist productions. Frank Ulle, Rebekah Bradford, Jon Bradford, Lorenda Rae Edwards, Paul Ulle, Susan Ulle, Thomas Ulle.

Cary Grant as Frank Ulle Frank Ulle:
Frank Ulle is the creator of Reality Check; the Nick Guy, Private Eye, ApologeticsSeries; and the Human Eel. He is also the voice of Nit Whitly, Nick Guy, Dr. DeSotoand the Human Eel.His background is primarily as a musician. He is a songwriter and performer and serves as the Music Director for Leroy Community Chapel in Leroy, Ohio.

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Rebekah Bradford Rebekah Bradford:
Rebekah's been working with Dominion Artists for several years and does voice acting, script consultation, web design, and social media. She currently lives in Geneva with her cat, Faye, and miniature horse, Macintosh. Her day job is as a feed store employee, which she loves. In her spare time Rebekah likes reading, drawing, listening to old radio shows and classic rock, singing, and hooping.

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No Picture Jon Bradford:
Of all the cast members in Nick Guy, Private Eye, Jon perhaps has the most experience as an actor. He has played Ebenezer Scrooge, a Roman Centurian, the Mr. Drysdale character in a “Beverly Hillbillies” spoof and even Judas Iscariot.
Although most of that experience has been on stage and on film, not in a sound booth. He nonetheless has made the transition rather smoothly. His most familiar character in Nick Guy, Private Eye is the integrity-challenged lawyer, C. Dawkins Shyster.

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Lorenda Re Edwards Lorenda Rae Edwards:
Lorenda Rae Edwards has appeared in several Nick Guy/Human Eel Adventures. Two of her most memorable roles are as Narcinia Winsome in Nick Guy and the Bad Things/Good People Affair and as Bianca Truit in The Human Eel, Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth.
When she’s not adding her vocal talent to these productions, she keeps herself busy as Morning Host/Asst. Program Director at Promise FM and as a Radio Announcer at Positive Life Radio, serving the Inland Northwest. Lorenda also runs Lorenda Rae Audio, where she provides Voice Overs/Acting and Production for T.V. and Radio, Commercials, Websites, Narrations, On-Hold Messages, Radio Announcing and V.T.'s.

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Glenn Hascall Glenn Hascall:
Glenn is a veteran broadcaster and author. He speaks and writes for fun. A self-described creative introvert, he is also a husband, a father, a grandfather and a son.
He has a passion for developing new ideas and for helping others with their ideas. He has been honored by the military for assistance with their broadcasting. And, interestingly enough, he was once a mayor.
Oh yeah, he hates pickles.

Paul Ulle Paul Ulle:
Paul Ulle has designed all of the Nick Guy, Private Eye CD covers. But he is probably best known to Nick Guy fans as the voice of Billy Orbach, the precocious friend of both Nick Guy and Dr. DeSoto who, as a member of the Junior Space Rangers, the Saxophonic Junior Symphony Orchestra, and several other assorted youth organizations, has aided in the capture of numerous villains.
Paul has a background in IT, and as a sound technician. He has assisted such Christian artists as the News Boys, Keith and Kristyn Getty and Laura Storey. He is also a musician himself, with his work featured on his youtube channel Café Convenience.

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Susan Ulle Susan Ulle:
Susan Ulle has appeared in several Nick Guy Adventures, but her most visible role in the Nick Guy Series is the artist/photographer who has produced many of the artwork and photos that have graced the Nick Guy CD covers. Apart from her work with the Nick Guy, Private Eye, Apologetics Series, she is in college studying literature. She is, in case you couldn’t guess, an artist. Working in drawing, painting, photography and music.

No Picture Thomas Ulle:
Thomas Ulle has provided the voices for several characters appearing in the Nick Guy, Private Eye, Apologetics Series and the Human Eel. His most notable roles are those of Russell Trout in the Nick Guy Series, and Scumbag, the Super Villain in the Human Eel Series.
Thomas is also a musician. He is featured on the YouTube Channel channel Café Convenience and as a member of the band Poro. He also serves in his church as the musical director of the Youth Ministry.

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