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Nick Guy & the Trixie Prattle
48 - Nick Guy & the Trixie Prattle, Private Eye Affair

Nick Guy’s friend, Trixie Prattle, ends up taking on the role of private investigator to keep secret government access codes from falling into the hands of dangerous foreign spies.

Principles of Ideology
49 - Nick Guy & the Principles of Ideology Affair

Nick Guy & Dr. DeSoto are hired to investigate a break in at the Safe Selfhood Security Company. Along the way, they learn of the dangers of allowing oneself to pursue an ideology apart from principle.

Nick Guy & the Of Snakes & Doves Affair
50 - Nick Guy & the Of Snakes & Doves Affair
NNick Guy & Dr. DeSoto are hired to discover what has a young woman anxious and fearful. Along the way, they discover what Jesus meant when He said that His disciples should be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.
51 - Nick Guy & the Of Wolves & Sheep Affair
In this follow installment to “The Of Snakes & Doves Affair,” Miss Timid gives an account of what led her to be involved with a notorious “fixer for hire,” and what it means to be a sheep among wolves.
Day at the Carnival
53 - Nick Guy & the Day at the Carnival Affair
Nick Guy & Dr. DeSoto are hired to investigate some mysterious going-on at the Spurious Brothers Fun Fair Carnival that involves a five-year-old bank robbery. And this opens up a further investigation as the existence of the super-natural comes into question…and its importance to the Christian Faith.
Trixie In Wonderland
46 - Nick Guy & the Trixie in Wonderland Affair
If the character of men is shaped in part by their environment and their heritage, and if God is sovereign over when and where they are born, doesn’t He bear, at least in part, responsibility for the sins of men? James 1:13 tells us that He is not. In this retelling of “Alice in Wonderland,” we unpack what the Bible has to say about man’s culpability for his own sin.
Nick Guy & the Rebekah & Frank, Frank & Rebekah, Rebekah & Frank Affair
Nick Guy is hired by audio drama producer Rebekah who suspects her partner, Frank, is up to something suspicious. Along the way, he discovers the importance of a unified foundation being necessary for the effective use of diversity.
52 - Nick Guy & the Cinderella Affair

In this retelling of a classic children’s fairy tale, we unpack what exactly Jesus meant in John 10:10 when He said “I came that they [His followers] may have life and have it abundantly.”

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The Deconstructed Summer Affair
55 – The Deconstructed Summer Affair
Nick Guy & Dr. DeSoto get an urgent call for help from their friends Billy Orbach and Russell Trout, setting the stage for them to examine something called "deconstructionism." It is a good thing to challenge and test what we believe. But in the process we must be careful not to abandon one false belief for another.
Great Potato Race Affair
56 - Nick Guy & the Great Potato Race Affair
Nick Guy & Dr. DeSoto are called upon to come to the aid of a research scientist who is being threatened. In the course of their investigation, they have the opportunity to look into the life and faith of Dr. George Washington Carver and his views on living his life in service to God.
Apparent Trap Affair
57 – Nick Guy & the Apparent Trap Affair
Something strange is going on at Camp Nimoy, and so, Nick Guy & Dr. DeSoto return to the Summer Camp to uncover what that strange something is. Along the way, they learn how many times God’s ways run counter intuitive to the ways of man. Someone’s way is wrong…and it’s not God’s.
Moths, rust,Thieves
58 - Nick Guy & the Moths, Rust & Thieves Affair
The earth is filled with many wonderful things to enjoy, but we should never hold them up as treasures. Earthly treasures rust and decay, and can be taken from us by thieves. In this installment in the Nick Guy Series, our heroes learn the eternal value of heavenly treasures.
Phantom Ice Opera
59 - Nick Guy & the Phantom of the Ice Opera Affair

A theatrical skater hires Nick Guy to discover the identity of his rival for the affections of the newest star of the Ice Opera. Along the way, he also discovers the truth about the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

I do, I do Affair
60 - Nick Guy & the I Do, I Do Affair

When Nick Guy gets asked to investigate a suspicious wedding engagement, he discovers some interesting facts about the covenant of marriage and God’s interest in it and authority over it.

Play it again Sam
61 - Nick Guy & the Play It Again, Sam Affair
Nick Guy and Dr. DeSoto are hired to find a missing husband who he tracks down to the Casablanca Club on Morocanaw Island. There they run into Trixie Prattle and a host of new characters and discover the dangers of allowing our subjective feelings dictate what we believe to be objective reality.
The Matter of Life & Death Affair
63 - Nick Guy & the Matter of Life & Death Affair

Nick Guy faces off against his arch-nemesis, Professor Dastardly, who has gone on a kidnaping spree – taking hostage all of Nick Guy’s closest friends. Nick Guy is forced to travel all over the world using clues taken from his conversations in defending his pro-life position.

the Sign Within a Sign Affair
64 - Nick Guy & the Sign Within a Sign Affair
Nick Guy and Dr. DeSoto are called in to help solve the meaning behind a mysterious sign within a sign that has been etched into the cabin door of their old friend the Sea Captain. Along the way they learn some valuable lessons on praising God for His faithfulness and mercy and grace as seen in the 107th Psalm. This installment also features Alicia Hansen & Jonathan Cooke portraying the characters they created for their series “Pirateers” for Eternal Future Productions.
Disorient Express Affair
65 - Nick Guy & the Murmur on the Disorient Express Affair

Nick Guy and Dr. DeSoto are hot on the trail of Oliver, Mrs. Hilkiah’s missing cat, when they become involved in a case of a stolen shipment of gold. Along the way, they discover how a distorting of the truth is one of the key things we must combat in facing temptation to sin.

The Coveted Coin Affair
66 - Nick Guy & the Coveted Coin Affair

Nick Guy and Dr. DeSoto get a request from Trixie Prattle to come to the aid of her brother, Alvin, who finds himself accused of stealing a priceless 4th Century Coin. Along the way they discover the dangers and the consequences of coveting.

Goodness in Justice Affair
62 - Nick Guy & the Goodness in Justice Affair

Nick Guy and Dr. DeSoto are hired to find a missing 3rd Century Polygonian Tiddling Stone. We tend to think of mercy and justice as being polar opposites. In this installment Nick Guy discovers that both are representative of God’s goodness. (meant to air as part two of “The Gathering Dusk – Most Charming Miss Pageant”).

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67-Cool Water Affair
67 - Nick Guy & the Cool Water Affair
A discussion about Psalm 42 reminds Nick Guy about what happened to his great grandfather when he travelled to the town of Cool Water in the Arizona Territory in the late 1800s. Remaining hopeful in the power and goodness of God in the midst of a trial is something all men throughout all ages have had to face.
Oliver Twist Affair
68 – The Oliver Twist Affair
Harry Tolliver is an innocent and naïve orphan being raised by Seville, a conman and thief. But when Harry is wrongfully arrested for being a pick pocket, things take a turn for the better for him. Will Seville successfully take advantage of Harry’s providential blessing for his own nefarious gain? Along the way, we ask the question as to whether or not God’s standard of holiness objective or subjective.
69 – The Night at the Movies Affair
69 – The Night at the Movies Affair
When Nick Guy is approached about having a movie made from one of his cases involving one of his arch-nemeses, Felina Feral, he is initially excited. But when he discovers that the movie portrays Felina Feral as a victim of circumstance and attempts to justify her actions while systematically dismantling what the Bible says about man’s guilt before God, he must work to uncover who is behind this plan and how to bring it to an end.
70 – Nick Guy & the Reformation vs. Revolution Affair
A performance by an interactive improvisational theater group turns dangerous when reality crosses with fantasy. Nick Guy is called in to save an actress from a real life kidnapping. Along the way he discovers the difference between a reformation and a revolution, revealing whether Jesus Christ should be considered a revolutionary or a reformer.
Vengeance is Mine Image
72 – Nick Guy & the Vengeance is Mine Affair

A series of increasingly dangerous pranks are being played on the Motville Yodelers, a team that needs no help in losing ballgames. Nick Guy & Dr. DeSoto are called upon to discover who is responsible. They also reveal why we should leave vengeance in the hands of God.

73 – Nick Guy & the Off & On Affair
73 – Nick Guy & the Off & On Affair
Nick Guy & Dr. DeSoto are asked by their friend Miss Timid to investigate the theft of highly Classified USB drives that contain information vital to national security. In the process they look into the admonition given by the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 4:17-32 to put off the old self and to put on the new self new self, "created after the likeness of God…"
37 – Nick Guy & the Clues in Prayer Affair
37 – Nick Guy & the Clues in Prayer Affair

Nick Guy is working two cases at once, and both involve clues that are crouched in Scriptures concerning prayer. So, along with bringing criminals to justice, Nick Guy also learns some important facts about prayer.

40 - The Spinocchio Affair
40 - The Spinocchio Affair

Eddy Spinocchio is a campaign manager who uses whatever means necessary to get his candidate elected. But that kind of work ethic has a way of catching up with you.

06 - Nick Guy & the Coming Messiah Affair
06 - Nick Guy & the Coming Messiah Affair

Nick Guy is hired by shepherds to discover if the Child whose birth they were told of by an angel truly is the long-awaited Messiah.

07 - Nick Guy & the Search for Luke Affair
07 - Nick Guy & the Search for Luke Affair

Nick Guy is hired to determine if Luke, the writer of the Gospel that bears his name, wrote his account in the first century, or if he wrote it much later.

08 - Nick Guy & the Hidden Treasure Affair
08 - Nick Guy & the Hidden Treasure Affair

Nick Guy is hired to assist in unraveling the will of a very eccentric man. Along the way he discovers the value, sometimes hidden, of salvation, and how the treasures of the earth cannot be compared to it.

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